Monday, January 25, 2010

Weddings and more!

I've got plans for a wedding in the future. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.  More excited right now than nervous, but as time gets closer, I may become more nervous.  A good friend of mine has asked for me to do her photo's for her upcoming summer wedding.  I'm excited to jump at the chance and to get the experience.  My problem is that this is my first wedding and I'm lacking experience but she doesn't want to hire anyone else.  So I hope and pray that I don't screw it up.  The above picture is a picture I done of one of her bouquet's that my mother made for her.  I have told my mom we need to go into business together because she can do the flowers no matter what the mix is and make them look amazing! And I am able to do the photography! But at least I'm gaining some knowledge and hopefully between now and June, I'm able to get more photography equipment to go with me so I am fully prepared!  Again, I'm still learning as to what is best so pray for me that I don't screw it up!  


  1. Let me know if you need some help. If I can fit it in my schedule I would be happy to back you up (at no cost) and be a second photographer. I can also provide you some tips I have found in the weddings I have done. They are stressful!!!

  2. Thanks Mike. This was a wedding for last summer. It has came and went and I wasn't able to make it to it. :( It was in Indiana for a friend. I do need to start getting back into it. I hope to do more so when school starts back next fall because then all four of my kids will be in school and I will have more time to really get out there and not have to worry as much as to what to do with the little one. Thank you though! :)